Kalkan has a little surprise in store for new visitors, especially at night when you will experience something very very special.

I will not be able to re produce even with a thousand pictures including sound, the atmosphere of the village especially at night, Kalkan has to be seen and absorbed in real time.

Walt Disney himself could not re-create the village.

I will however attempt to show you around the Village, its harbour, streets, shops, markets and restaurants such as the picture on the left.

I have also included brief information below of my favourite area known as Kalamar Bay. Kalamar Bay in my opinion is only just emerging and if you are interested in property then this is going to be the place for the future.

Kalamar Bay, shown on the left has expanded over the 14 or so years that I have been visiting, an example is the picture on the far side of the bay were luxury villas are being built with spectacular views out towards the islands.

On the nearside of the bay middle right area, 5 new villas overlooking the Beach club are nearing completion.

you can see the swimming pools and the new Beach club.


Below is a picture taken from the beach club and views towards the islands, plus a couple of pictures of the villas, a superb location.

Below there are pictures of the village and harbour in the daytime.

Below are a few pictures of the shops and markets.

Looking for a deal, you will have fun finding one, they enjoy the bartering.

Turkey is famous for its cotton and when you visit, you will find that the quality is superb.

The shops and markets in Kalkan cater for all tastes, handbags, Sedat's jewelry, shoes, carpets, linen, leather, and hand painted plates

For the fashion conscious designer labels at the right price and the quality is excellent.

However it is at night that Kalkan comes to life, unfortunately visiting is the only way to experience this village, the friendliness of the people, its charming and yet exciting nightlife capped with many romantic rooftop restaurants.

Restaurants at the waters edge overlooking the local Gulets and visiting yachts.

Taking a cruise on a Turkish Gulet is of course one of the pleasures not to be missed, day tours and evening cruises are available, in fact I am sure they will cater for any length of time that you wish to sail.

You simply walkalong the marina and choose your Gulet, the owners will be waiting to discuss your requirements.

Food and drinks are usually included, swimming and snorkeling equipment will also be on board, but check if definitely required, swimming in the crystal water is not to be missed.



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